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Professional cloud native video editor. Create great content from anywhere and publish everywhere.


Professional video editing in the cloud - driving massive efficiencies: - Instant access to your video files and live streams - Edit frame-accurately anywhere in a browser with no plug-ins - Remotely and collaboratively produce great video content - Publish in seconds – to your Brightcove account, MAM, everywhere - Easy integration with your infrastructure and Brightcove account - Extensible and interoperable - Generates up to 91% less carbon - Save up to 75% on infrastructure cost

How it works

Blackbird users create / edit their selected media in the Blackbird browser-based video editor, then publish to a Brightcove destination. The Blackbird integration renders a high quality H.264 asset from original source media and then posts an ingest request to the Brightcove platform to pull content from the available publish point. Users can assign contextual metadata to the publish job including Title, Description, and active/inactive status of the asset within the Brightcove platform


Support and Resources

Support for this integration is delivered by Blackbird. Please check out the Knowledge Base link for more details.

Compatible With:

Brightcove Video Cloud

Compatible With:

Brightcove Video Cloud