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Download your videos directly from Dropbox


• Within your Brightcove account, you can find “watch folders”
• This folders enable users to ingest their videos stored in Dropbox to Video Cloud
• The folders will periodically “watch” and automatically upload content
• Admins can review and manage the content as needed
• Content can only be uploaded from the Dropbox folder to Video Cloud (not the other way around)

How it works

• Create a folder in Dropbox
• Configure Video Cloud to pull folders and automatically upload videos that are saved there
• Once a video is uploaded, you can review and tag it and have it automatically appear out on public sites


Support and Resources

Support for this integration is delivered Brightcove. Please check out the Knowledge Base link for more details. Email bc_support@brightcove.com

Compatible With:

Brightcove Video Cloud
Marketing Studio

Compatible With:

Brightcove Video Cloud
Marketing Studio