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EMAM, Inc.

eMAM is a media asset management platform empowering users to produce, share, and deliver media.


• Brightcove users now have powerful integrated options for the production of content.
• Brightcove users can store content in any storage system or archive system on premise or in the cloud.
• eMAM users have powerful options to build rich online experiences
• eMAM users have powerful options to monetize content
• Users can save money on the support and training for multiple disconnected systems
• Redundant storage and manual processes can now be avoided

How it works

When eMAM integrates with Brightcove Galleries, it powers a complete online presence for customer with options to interactive online portal, optimized streaming for all devices and applications in all locations, enhanced analytics, and monetizing options including ad insertion, subscription, and VOD. The combined system can now provide powerful complete end-to-end workflows for the production and publishing of rich media content.


Support and Resources

Support for this integration is delivered by EMAM, Inc. Please check out the Knowledge Base link for more details.