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Innovative CTV apps Monetization

 ITG's technology is a patented client side monetization and viewer engagemet solution for CTV streaming apps. 


• Create additional revenue with dynamic in-content advertising units 
• No code architecture for easy deployment
• These client-side, in-content ad units deliver greater personalization, interactivity and engagement
• This approach is contextual, less intrusive, and more user-friendly
• These ad units generate incremental revenue in addition to traditional ad breaks 

How it works

inthegame's integration with Brightcove enables shared clients to discover and experience new ways of content monetization and increased viewers engagement. Publishers, broadcasters and streaming apps owners can seamlessly interact with their viewers via branded polls and quizzes, deploy new and innovative in-content monetization elements such as pause ads and split screens, resulting in a more enjoyable viewing experience for both live and VOD content.



In Stream Monetization and Viewer Engagement

Brightcove's and ITG mutual client will be able to deploy on their streaming apps both unique monetization units for additional revenue stream, in addition to branded interactive overlays to learn and engage with their viewers.


Support and Resources

Support for this integration is delivered by inthegame. For further resources please refer to www.inthegame.io