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Linius Video Services

Dynamically discover and deliver hyper-personalized video content with Linius Video Services (LVS)


Integrate all your video sources
Linius Video Services can integrate your Brightcove account with video capture platforms, video conference platforms, and other video repositories to deliver a seamless video search engine. Virtualisation and indexing lead to:
• Creation of Hyper-Personalised Content
• Increased Subscription Revenue
• Attainment Granular Audience Level Insights
• Increased Engagement
• Greater Utilization of Dormant Assets

How it works

We allow anyone from within your organization or external to your network to search the information within your video. You can search by keyword, speaker, transcript, subject, date, facial recognition, or even on-screen text. (PPT slides and such.) Once the content is ready for consumption, the contextualized search is automatically displayed as a playlist and ready for easy distribution.


Support and Resources

Support for this integration is delivered by Linius Solutions. Please check out the Knowledge Base link for more details.