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New Spark digital experiences

Media Experiences generates scalable and gamified digital experiences with Enterprise-grade security


Brightcove customers can enable digital experiences (Enterprise YouTube, Training, Customer Advocacy, Contest, and more) with Enterprise-grade security (groups/user access control), comments, gamification, while delivering high-scale playback reliability over corporate networks with our bundled Ramp eCDN solution portfolio.

How it works

As part of the one-time setup, our publishing module will just need your Brightcove API Client ID, Client Secret, while our experience module will need your Player ID. The Ramp eCDN integration will require the addition of a plug-in within the VideoCloud player module.




- Direct upload
- Embeddable upload widget
- Via template/custom digital experience
- Email
- APIs


- Blur padding
- Custom renditions
- AI tagging
- Trimming/Clipping
- Watermarking


- Manual or scheduled publishing
- Destination-specific metadata governance
- Multi-platform distribution (Brightcove, YouTube, JW Player, Widen, and more...)


- Game rules (upload, view, complete quiz, and more)
- Custom badges
- Custom email notifications with rewards (coupon, discount)
- Challenges (by content owner, or by community member)
- Follow/subscribe content creator and/or community member


Support and Resources

Support for this integration is delivered by New Spark Media. Please check out the Knowledge Base link for more details.

Compatible With:

Brightcove Video Cloud
Brightcove Player
Audience Insights

Compatible With:

Brightcove Video Cloud
Brightcove Player
Audience Insights