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System73 Edge Intelligence

A data powered solution to deliver your content at the highest quality and lowest distribution cost.


Our patented Edge Intelligence AI is your intelligent content data logistics solution. This revolutionary proactive AI will route your Live content to bypass congestion and, if need be, create its own network utilizing end-devices to maintain the highest quality while off-loading traffic from your CDNs. This results in an unparalleled Live experience for your viewers with infinite scalability while tremendously reducing your operational cost and boosting your profitability.

How it works

How does Edge Intelligence work? https://docs.system73.com/services/edge-intelligence/ei-overview/ Integrating the SDK with the Brightcove Player. https://docs.system73.com/services/edge-intelligence/html5/players/brightcove/


Support and Resources

Support for this integration is delivered by System 73. Please check out the Knowledge Base link for more details.

Compatible With:

Brightcove Player

Compatible With:

Brightcove Player